Gábor Varga

Researcher, Author

Gabor Varga
Born 1969
Studied at the University of Budapest (ELTE) and University of Munich, Germany (LMU).

Researched and initiated the first successful intranasal insulin therapy for autists with Prof. Dr. Heinrich Schmidt endocrinologist-geneticist.
Insulin to improve the developmental delay in children.

His intranasal insulin therapy was also tested in placebo controlled double blind clinical trial:

In 2018 he developed the first spray containing proinsulin C-peptide. He is currently researching the biological, immune and cognitive effect of intranasal proinsulin C-peptide. The immun effect of C-peptide among othehrs by increasing splenic lymphocyte production my help the recovery of COVID-19 patients. Proinsulin C Peptide Obviates Sympathetically Mediated Suppression of Splenic Lymphocyte Activity in Rats - PubMed

Tamás Szabó

Data analyzer, IT specialist