The first beauty-care product containing proinsulin c-peptide was launched two years ago and it is available in the market since that time. A number of people tried using it off-label, as a nasal spray, similarly to the intranasal insulin. The experiences gathered during the past two years are astonishing and surprising.
The present study is already the second retrospective case study, in which the wide range of experiences are introduced. Complementing the first case-study now it is demonstrated through the experiences of 90 users that the effect of proinsulin c-peptide refers to a wide range of recovery in the central nervous system. This is the only explanation that this drug can be beneficial not only in developmental disabilities, autisms, etc. but also in cases of hypertension, stroke and traumatic brain injury. The importance of this is invaluable, since
such a tool for regenerate the impairments of the central nervous system hasn’t been available until now. This is why it was not fully known in what cases and to what extent can the regeneration of the nervous system be effective. This unique opportunity may be important in the present COVID 19 pandemic, since the regeneration of the nervous system is crucial in this problem area as well, in defeating both the disease and the short- and long-term complications.

Doctors, Researchers are able to discuss or work with us on the ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/345388266_Intranasal_Proinsulin_C-peptide_PARADIGM_SHIFT_IN_HEALTH_PROTECTION_AND_HEALNG