To insert breathing tubes into patients, they get usually narcotized.
Mainly with 2 active ingredients (Rocuronium, Vecuronium) that the US is starting to run out of.

Why is it a tragedy?
Well, because those who need it, they struggle with severe inflammatory reactions with extremely low vagus (parasympathetic, HRV) reserve. Based on the research of Prof. Dr. Moser, the vagus reserve is also the key to survival! He inferred this from data from operated people.

The 2 active ingredients that are mentioned are practically giving one last – probably and in most cases a final – blow to human life in the risk groups who have a low vagus reserve.
That’s why I call what they do a worldwide stupidity championship, because if they don’t know what’s wrong, they’re just healing the most serious patients with an ax, while killing themselves of stress and inefficiency and deaths.

With this, walk nicely to every doctor and nurse, because exactly 1,000 out of 1,000 don’t know about it.