The biggest risk the COVID-19 carries in terms of mortality is the decrease in the lungs’ overall functionality. These functions may already be damaged due to other reasons as well, for example, smokers, people with diabetes mellitus, COPD and of course people with Asthma. Also, it is an interesting consequence of Type 1 diabetes, that the pancreas ceases production of C Peptide. Lung efficiency is lower for people who have diabetes, however in case the patient goes through a pancreas transplant, the production of c peptide is restored, and lung efficiency is drastically increased.

The integrity of the central nervous system also heavily correlates with the functioning of the lungs, as it is responsible for the Heart Rate Variability (HRV). When damaged, it signals vertigo and impairing functions in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Of course, the HRV is lower as a consequence for smokers, and people living with diabetes mellitus, and COPD.

Now comes the important part: Clinical trials with placebo have proven (one example in the links below), that the replacement of proinsulin c peptide raises rapidly the HRV of people with type 1 diabetes mellitus, and strengthens the functioning of their autonomic nervous system. (A study carried out in 1996 on c-peptide also states, that the damage to the autonom immune system may also be the main reason for people developing COPD.).

Now I am asking everyone to think: How come, that more than 20 years now, there is no generally approved proinsulin c peptide supplements or replacement for those in need. Because it is clear that the c peptide levels of the people living with these conditions is lowered. These are all risk factors for COVID-19 to turn more severe.