(Send this to any immunologist you know, they will be happy to hear this news, maybe it is not too late.)

The Corona Virus damages the antiviral CD8+ T cells, exactly those cells, which are responsible for defending us against the upper respiratory illnesses. The number of these cells and their functionality are shortened. In case the CD8+ T cells are damaged or because of aging, the caps – originally responsible for defending the chromosome – known as telomeres become shorter. As we currently know, this is already the case for the elderly, and people with Chronic diseases. Due to the viral attacks, the body becomes more receptive to upper respiratory illnesses, and the inflammatory reactions are also intensified.

Now comes the most interesting part: Researchers already have found, that by increasing the HRV, they can increase the number of lymphocytes as well. In case we raise the Heart Rate Variability (HRV), then we can increase the length of these telomeres. Or in other words, we can enhance the resistance of the immune cells and their functions. This number is decreased during infection with COVID-19 due to the stress it puts on the body. Because of the lowered HRV the immune cells exhaust faster, and thus results in a weaker immune system.

What can immunology do: the HRV rate should be restored or raised, this will enhance the lymphocytes in both numbers and activity. Also, this will lower the rate of inflammation as a result as well.

Proinsulin C peptide raises HRV (proven with Clinical trials with placebo). We know this for a while now. General Medical protocols are less suitable to save people in a critical state.